Splendid Singapore

For Arts week, Year 2 have been looking at the different buildings and impressive architecture of Singapore. The children really enjoyed learning about this new area of the world and exploring some of the new-age and revolutionary buildings which Singapore is famous for. We started off with an introductory lesson, looking at where Singapore is located in the world and exploring the history, geography and climate of the country. This gave the children some context into what the following Arts week had in store.

We started off by writing a fact file on a key building in Singapore. Each class chose a different one to focus on, from the imaginative Gardens by the Bay to the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel. After this, we  practised some core art skills. We had a go at sketching some of the traditional Kampong houses of Singapore, developing sketching and shading techniques along the way. The children had the chance to look at the finer details of colonial houses as well in Singapore, looking at their unique structure and intricate details.


One of the highlights was working with charcoal and chalk, a new art form for most of the children. We practised applying pressure onto the chalk and charcoal, observing hot brittle and fragile this was, before using these tools to blend. When the children had some confidence, they started to sketch parts of the Lotus Flower Science & Art museum, putting these skills to the test. Eventually they were able to have a go at drawing the whole structure, using either chalk or charcoal. We think they did an excellent job, particularly as this was the first time they had used such mediums.

The children have been enjoying painting different images of Singapore as well. Using neon paints and pastel paints, they have created a vibrant selection of art work which, I am sure you will agree, looks marvellous. They have completed some flick painting (a very messy affair!) as well as using templates and sponges to create a lovely sky line of the Gardens by the Bay. Below is a selection of some of their fine art.

Overall, we have been really impressed with the level of creativity and commitment the children have shown this week and how much they seemed to have enjoyed Arts week. Well done Year 2!