Sports Day

Wow! What a fabulous couple of sports mornings we have had this week! Both mornings went extremely well and all the children tried their best.

On Tuesday morning, we started with Key Stage 1 sports day.  The children took part in a whole school warm up before parading around the field . Next, they took part in a variety of fun events with their house.


Each house tried really hard and many of the children encouraged each other well.

After the events, someone of the children represented their houses in the competitive races! All the houses were cheering on their runners in each race. This showed great  sportsmanship. Well done year 1 and 2.



Well done to the Purple Penguins who were the winning house!

Finally, we ended the morning with the teachers’ race . This year the teachers had to bounce half way along the track and then pick up a sack and jump to the finish line.
Well done to Mrs Weller for winning this race with determination and power!


On Thursday, the children from Key Stage  2 took part in their sports morning. Again, the children took part in a warm up dance on the playground. Even though it was a very hot morning,  they were all determined to earn points for their house and did not give up. They took part in 14 events altogether  before some of them competed in the competitive races.



Well done to Orange Orangutans who were the winning house of the morning!

Also, well done to Mr Hart for his big win in the teachers’ race.

Finally thank you to all the parents that were able to come and watch their  child/children this week – it was great to see you all.  It is always really nice to see our parents cheering on other children too – it is what Kingsleigh is all about!