Squiggle Time!

In Pre-School, we have introduced, ‘Squiggle Time.’ During this time, the children will be developing their gross motor and fine motor skills in preparation for writing. To start the Squiggle Time we all dance holding a ‘flipper flapper’ (a piece of material in each hand) and follow gross motor moves which will help to develop muscle memory ready for letter formation. Then we choose an activity which will develop fine motor skills. This could be dough disco, painting or messy play using our fingers.

During dough disco, the children are encouraged to squeeze, roll and flatten the dough. They then use each finger in isolation (e.g. Peter Pointer) to ‘dance’ in the dough! The teachers especially like this as we get to choose the disco music!

We also have tunnels to crawl through as this helps to strenghten the shoulders, which is also important for writing.

We are all enjoying Squiggle Time and we’re looking forward to adding  new, exciting (and possibly messy) activities each week!