Successful Star Write Superstars (with sweets!)

As you are aware, the children of Kingsleigh take part in writing their Star Write on Fridays. The star write is a great opportunity for children to show off their creativity, and to build upon their writing skills they have learnt throughout the year.

The Star Write in year 6 this past week has been on writing a fact file from the fictional text ‘The Land of Neverbelieve.’ The children had to write a factual report on one of the trees, complete with interesting sentence stems, powerful vocabulary and interesting facts.

To help prepare them for this, the children are given a Star Talk on the Thursday before their Star Write, with a brief outline of the challenge, and some suggestions for what to include. It often contains a picture or a sentence starter to help their creative juices flow. They will then take the star talk home to discuss their writing with an adult or an older sibling.

We have been really impressed with how well the year 6 children prepare their writing. Some have developed some excellent journals, in which they jot down their amazing ideas. Some of them have even started to write out plans and structure their ideas into effective paragraphs- this has had an amazing impact on the quality of their writing!

On the Friday, the children write in silence to some inspirational music, getting their great ideas down on paper. If they have completed their Star Talk, they even get a couple of sweets as a reward! Well done year 6!