Super 3D Shapes

This week Reception have been exploring 3D shapes! They have had great fun creating their own models of buildings and thinking carefully about how to create bridges, towers, tunnels and moats! We took inspiration from famous building around the world and gave lots of thought to which 3D shape would be best and why. Do you recognise any of our buildings?


We had to select the correct shapes and  for the job to ensure they were stable!

The children also worked hard to collaborate and sort 3D shapes. They tried hard to think about how they could group the shapes.

The classes loved the junk modelling activity! They used their skills to create a home for Jasper- the cat in our story! They had to use their fabulous fine motor skills to cut, stick, glue and build the homes. They tried hard to think about which shape they wanted their home to be. Great work everyone!


We have also been thinking about special celebrations and Special people in our Understanding the World Project sessions. We talked about how some people celebrate Easter and acted out the  Story.

We talked about Spring and new life and flowers. The children loved creating and crafting Spring pictures and flower headbands.