Super Challenge Day!

Stingrays had a Super Challenge day in Maths this week!

Each child was given a series of rather tricky multiplication problems that they had to solve. We decided to solve them using practical methods and using drawings to help us.

Here are some examples if you’d like to try them at home!

  • Sally has 24 cup-cakes to share equally between 3 plates for the party. How many cakes will go on each plate?
  • There are 8 children coming to the party. They are all going to the cinema. How many cars will they need to take them there? Each car will hold 4 children and they will each need a driver too.
  • Sam is going to give everyone some chocolate eggs to take home at the end of the party. They fit into egg boxes which hold 6 eggs each. Will 50 eggs be enough for each of the 8 visitors to have a box to take home?

Here is a challenge that some of our children had to tackle – they did a great job of working systematically to find some answers.

Even though we found them tricky, we had so much fun!