Super Saturday at Shine

Although it was a very cold morning, everyone was excited for their morning at Canford School.  We arrived ready for a delicious breakfast of sausages, beans and toast.  After eating, we headed off to our first lesson, which was maths. The theme for the morning was ‘Deception and Betrayal,’ so it was very appropriate to start with a maths logic game based on the board-game, Cluedo.  It was really tricky as we were only given a few clues to work it out. We then had a challenge to catch a robber using coordinates.  Each time we guessed where he might be, we were given a number, this told us how far away the robber was. We really enjoyed playing this and it became very competitive!  We then had another logic puzzle about five bloodthirsty pirates who needed to split their hoard of treasure.

After a pit stop for biscuits and squash, we were off to another lesson. It was art. We read a number of wanted posters. They told us what different characters looked like and what their professions were. We were given masks to make a disguise based on the character of our choice. We created some really amazing masks!

We had a great morning and we can’t can’t wait to share this all with you in the New Year.