Supertato is captured!

The Reception children arrived back into their classrooms after playtime and discovered a crime scene, Supertato had been captured. There was a note!

The note was from Evil Pea telling the children the only way to try to catch him was to make traps!

So the children set to work making traps…

The children worked with a partner to complete their traps and were able to explain how they worked.  Some included trapping Evil Pea in Jelly…

Others involved tricking Evil Pea into the trap to get stuck.

And turning Evil Pea into a good character. 

The children also decided to let the school know about Evil Pea and made Wanted Posters to be placed around the school in case someone else could spot and catch him and were offering rewards such as chocolate, a unicorn and trophies.

The children will be posting them around school so keep your eyes peeled!

We laid the traps at the end of the day to give us the best chance to capture Evil Pea.  Watch this space to find out what happened next.