Suspenseful Sixes!

Over the last two weeks, the Year 6 children have been writing their own suspense stories. They based their story on a series of pictures. To begin, the children created a range of descriptive vocabulary and phrases to write a setting description to describe a cold, snow covered shack. The next day, they developed these ideas into fantastic setting descriptions.

Over the next few days, the children continued their stories by introducing a character and a problem. We had some brilliant character names and some very imaginative problems: the king demanding taxes, captured love ones and lost souls. The Year 6’s worked hard to include some super sentence structures and thought carefully about the openers they used. Their characters then went on a quest and arrived at the mouth of a mystical cave. But what would await them…?

The final few days of writing had teachers and children on the edge of their seats. The children picked up their writing by describing their character entering the cave and discovering a hoard of treasure. The Year 6’s thought carefully about their choice of adverbs and used some excellent descriptive techniques, particularly their sentences of 3. Children amazed, teachers gasped and writing shone. But there was to be a twist in their stories… the treasure was guarded by a dragon! We had some brilliant tense paragraphs, where characters collected up the treasure. However, it did not end well when the dragon awoke! What would happen next?!?


The final instalment of their stories did not disappoint. The children ended with a bang by having their character frantically fleeing the cave and stumbling across a flying ship. The Year 6’s showed a great understanding of clause structures and worked hard to include at least one embedded clause in their writing. They also thought carefully about how their character might show their relief, rather than just telling the reader. Their stories ended with their characters solving their problems and floating off into the horizon.


The Year 6 teachers were so impressed with the children’s stories and then loved reading them everyday!