Terrific Transport.

This half term the children have been enjoying our transport topic. We have had lots of visitors coming into Pre-School to show us their transport. Our first visitor was Mr Spencer Frost who showed us his motorbike. He talked about the different parts of the bike and the important clothes he has to wear to keep him safe.

We also had a visit from the Fire Brigade who brought their fire engine for us to see. We had the chance to pretend to be fire fighters by dressing up as one! The police also visited and brought with them a police car!

In Pre-school we are enjoying playing with lots of different types of transport inside and outside. We have scooters and bikes we like playing on in the garden. We also have small vehicles we like to push down guttering and slides pretending it’s a big hill. The cars move very quickly when we let them go!

Not only have been looking at and playing with different types of transport, we have also been painting with cars! The wheels of a toy car are a great way to paint by moving the car up and down and side to side.

It has been wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic about transport and it has been great to be able to provide real life experiences to enrich the children’s learning.