The beautiful Festival of Diwali!

In Religious Education we have been looking at Diwali (The Festival of Light) and what happens during this time.

We first learnt the story of Rama and Sita. We realised that the story represents ‘Good’ trumping over ‘Evil’ and that ‘Good’ always wins. We also noticed from the story, that Diwali is called The Festival of Light because Rama and Sita found their way home, after being exiled, by following oil lamps that had been lit by their city to guide them home.

We also watched a lot of videos with Hindu’s explaining what they do during Diwali from their perspective. We found it very interesting to find out what they do over the 5 days!

We learnt that they spend time with their family, run events with their community, give each other gifts, buy new clothes, light fireworks, dance and clean their houses. In the spirit of Diwali, we also tried on some new bright clothing and had a mini celebration too! It was A LOT of fun!


Finally we reflected on how the festival makes Hindu’s feel during Diwali. We all agreed that people shouldn’t be upset as it is a celebration of a fresh start and a new year! We loved the idea that there is such a lovely community feel to the festival and no one is left out of the celebrations! We wrote what we learnt in our books so that you can learn too!