The BFG causes big excitement in Year 5

Year 5 have thrown themselves into home schooling this week, showing huge amounts of resilience and aspiration.

On Wednesday morning, they were given some clues about the heroine of our guided reading book for this half term, finding out that she was an orphan.  This led on to some vocabulary work on the word orphan.

Poppy found that the suffixes ‘s’, ‘ed’ and ‘age’ could be used with orphan to create new words.

Freddie used ‘orphan’ and ‘orphans’ in a great sentence.


Tayo found the synonym ‘waif’.


The following day, Mrs Cutler unwrapped the book and it was none other than Roald Dahl’s The BFG. Revealing only the front cover and the blurb of the book, she asked the children to predict what they thought the story would be about.  They all did a great job of using the picture clues and also the blurb to help them to justify their ideas.

Charlie predicted that the giant and the girl would be friends because they looked happy.

Mia thought that the Giant wanted to help the girl because he picked her up.  Mia also thought that the girl was amused by the bottle.

Phillip also thought the giant would ask the little girl for help because she is holding the bottle that he is opening.

On Friday, Mrs Beauchamp read the first chapter and asked the children to think about the atmosphere the author had created in the chapter.  Mia and Kerry both identified lots of ways in which the author had created a spooky, eerie atmosphere.