The discovery of Bronze!

Year 3 have been so enthused about their project, learning about the concepts of influence, power, transformation and change. After studying the Old, middle and New Stone Age, we looked at the next period on our history timeline: The Bronze Age.

We started by looking at this archaeological discovery of the Amesbury Archer and found out that archaeologists summarised he would have lived during the early Bronze Age. We looked at the clues that were found in his grave and discussed what this told archaeologists about how people lived during this time.

We learnt how Bronze is made and how people mined copper in order to make it. The children were excited to learn how Bronze was made and the range of objects skilled metal workers could make with it. We spent time looking at pictures of real Bronze Age artefacts and wrote what they could have been used for.

The children have been great at talking about what changed during this time and comparing it to the Stone Age. They will be ready next week to start learning about the Iron Age and creating a double page spread to showcase everything they have learnt about these periods in British history.