‘The Lost Words’…. an artistic insight!

It has been an incredibly creative week for Year 6 at the start of the academic year. Our arts week is based on the beautifully created text, ‘The Lost Words’, which reflects on some of the environmental words slowly disappearing from our children’s vocabulary. The book is decorated with scenes from woodlands and rivers, with some really striking images.

After exploring the book in more detail, the children have begun to create pieces of work using the images in the text as inspiration. We have been fortunate enough to secure the use of some taxidermy specimens which have also helped our art work, and the children have really enjoyed studying the animals in more detail.












We have been using mood boards through the week, which has given the children chance to practise and develop their ideas before committing to their final piece. These have been an integral part of the children’s learning journey through arts week, and have really helped develop those fine artistic skills.

We have explored different art mediums as a result of these ideas, including sketching, watercolour painting, pastels and charcoal. We have lots more planned before the end of arts week, we hope you enjoy viewing a sample of the children’s work below! Well done Year 6, an excellent start to the year.