The whole world!

In preschool, we having been learning about planet Earth. The children have been exploring globes, atlases and learning about what makes up our world. We noticed on the globe that there is a lot of blue which represent the oceans and seas. There are also lots of green (or other colours) areas, which are different sizes and shapes; this is the land.

To help us understand more about the Earth we have made our own world! The children worked together to create a big planet using tissue paper that we tore, ripped and scrunched up.

We also made our own smaller planet Earth by using blue and green paint on a paper plate. We then put the plate inside a bag and the children moved the paint around using their hands. I think you’ll agree it look very effective!

The children have also been learning about different homes around the world. It’s interesting to see all the different types of homes and all the different materials used in different countries. We couldn’t believe that in Greenland there is a hotel made entirely from ice! Even the beds! I wonder what else we will find out about our planet Earth?