The Wolves In The Walls!

This week Year 6 were asked to plan a narrative with dialogue. ‘The Wolves in the walls’, excellently written by Neil Gaiman and powerfully illustrated by Dave McKean, was used as our inspiration. Using our existing narrative and dialogue skills from previous weeks, we set about putting a plan in place. The children were asked to fully complete a planning sheet as part of this journey. Three objectives for part of this plan were to; decide on the key vocabulary that you will use, write down alternatives for the word ‘said’, and think about the nature of your characters. Children were guided towards using the descriptosaurus to help them find words and phrases. Below is an example that was submitted to us this week..


Once the planning process had been completed, Year 6 were asked to write their narratives using dialogue throughout the week. They were able to use their plans effectively, create new characters, and we had some fabulous examples where children managed to set the scene and explain what these characters were doing/saying/hearing. The atmosphere imagined and described to us, and the range of emotions that their characters were experiencing  jumped out of the page at us!

It has been a wonderful week from Year 6 yet again. We have been so impressed with their dedication towards all of our challenges this week. The introduction of our new book ‘Skellig’ has gone down well. In topic the children have thoroughly enjoyed investigating the human heart and learning about its vital importance and many parts. And this was all topped off perfectly, with some superb detective prowess, to unveil the various ‘masked readers’ for World Book Day! Well done for another great week Year 6, and well done for being our very own ‘Lockdown Heroes!’.