Tiger’s Castle Day!

On Tuesday 21st May, Year 1 enjoyed a fantastic Castles Day! Everyone came to school dressed as a castle character. We had kings, princesses, knights, jesters, maids and even queens. The costumes looked great. Miss Acreman taught us some words from medieval times and we said “Good day” when we answered the register.

There were four different castle activities for us to take part in. In Miss Allen’s classroom we had a medieval castle banquet. We all sat on long tables and chose a King and Queen to sit on the top table. There was lots of food for us to try like roast swan, pork pie, apple and jam. We used a slice of bread as our plate and got to drink wine and beer too but don’t worry it was just squash!

In Miss Paine’s classroom, we made swords and shields. We painted our shields in lots of bright colours. When they were dry we stuck our Kingsleigh coat of arms in the middle. To make the swords look realistic we covered them in tinfoil and then added the coat of arms to them too.

In Miss Acreman’s classroom we had a go at some castle dancing. We had to get into groups of six and stand in a circle. We started by walking round the circle and then stopping and going the other way. Next we had to step into the middle and clap hands with the person opposite us. It was quite tricky but by the end we knew it really well.

In Miss Nicholl’s classroom we made castle hats. We could choose from a princess hat or a knights helmet. We had to decorate them and make them look fancy.  We enjoyed trying them on and showing our friends our designs. What a great day we had!