Très bonne Boulangerie!

Year 2 French Club had a special treat in the week before the half term holiday, their club was turned into a French bakery!

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning the names of different foods in French, as well as numbers and how to say please and thank you. We put all of this new vocabulary into practise by ordering a tasty treat at our very own boulangerie!


We tried croissant, pain au chocolate and baguette with jam. Our teachers were very impressed at how well we ordered these items in French and especially that we remembered to say s’il vous plait and merci.


We enjoyed trying all of these French foods and were very proud of ourselves for learning so many new French phrases in just five weeks.



Our teachers enjoyed the boulangerie experience too!

Next, we will be learning colours and animal names in French and creating our own version of a popular children’s story.