Up, Up and Away!

In year one, we have been getting excited about our new topic, ‘Up, Up and Away’. We made our own boarding passes and all came together in the hall to board the aircraft!

We all carefully watched and listened as the flight attendant went through the safety procedures.

Soon, we were high up in the sky and we could enjoy our in flight entertainment, the movie ‘Up’.

Afterwards, we learnt all about the Wright brothers and how they invented the first aircraft.

We learnt that ever since the brothers were small they had a fascination with anything that could fly such as birds and the hot hair balloon. It was their mission to invent something that could transport people through the air at speed and change the world of transport forever.

We looked at lots of old pictures and tried to use what we had learnt to order them into a timeline. Then we wrote some sentences about what we had found.

We can’t wait to find out more and see where our learning takes us!