Vehicle Art!

In preschool, we have been exploring how we can use vehicles to create art. First, we used a toy train and car wheels to paint with. The vehicles were rolled in paint and then pushed and pulled on paper to create shapes and lines. This was great but we wanted to go one step further. We took the idea outside and decided to use the slide! The slide was covered with paper and the children experimented using different sized vehicles; big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones. The wheels were rolled in paint and the children then decided how to get the paint onto the paper. The easiest (and most fun) way was to hold the vehicle at the top of the slide and then let it go! Gravity did the rest! They also tried pushing the cars down the slide to see if that changed the shapes and lines.

After the slide the children used the ramps to try the same idea.

This was a great (and messy) activity, which not only allowed the children to explore art,  but also got them thinking scientifically too!