Weekend Challenge

Well done children you have finished you first week of home school and we are so impressed with how much work you have all got done!

Thank you for sending in your pictures and videos so that we can see how you are getting on at home. If you haven’t had a chance to email in yet please do try next week and your teachers will be in touch with you. We love hearing from you all and miss seeing your faces in school.

Remember to be helpful and caring to everyone in your home in exactly the same way that you are at school, Rizzy and Astro will still want us to be showing all of our school values at this time.

While the sun is out try and get some fresh air when you can and please remember not to spend too much time in front of gadgets as it is not good for you.

This weekend Mrs Newton has set us all a special weekend challenge so children and staff get your creative work going and lets light up our community with a rainbow in all of our windows!

We are already looking forward to seeing your creations on Monday.