Willow Weavers

As part of their art week work based on the book, The Lost Words, Year 6 were lucky enough to work with a willow artist.  The book they are looking at is all about respecting and protecting the natural world.  The teachers thought it would be a great idea if part of the display included work made from natural material.

Children worked in groups using a template to create arches that came together to make willow tree trunks.

During the sessions, the children learnt lots about willow. They learnt that they grow near water and can drink up to 350 gallons of water.

Groups worked to make a frame and then once this was secure they weaved willow between the gaps.  Interestingly, the willow was wet when they weaved and then as the willow dried the structure became solid.

We think that the finished instalment looks amazing and is a great addition to our display.