Wonderful World of Water

We have been learning all about creatures under the sea in Reception and we have enjoyed using water to help our learning. This week we listened to ‘Water Music’  by Handel and it made us think about all the different sounds we hear involving water. The children suggested the quiet ripples on a lake or the crashing sounds of the waves in a stormy sea. We even found a rainmaker and used our bodies to make the sound of a storm brewing and getting louder.


We experimented making long and short sounds using the water and had a lot of fun! Blowing bubbles was definitely a highlight as well as using our hands to make waves.



We poured water slowly and faster using small and big containers to see what sounds they made.


We enjoyed making short bursts of noise when we sprayed the water. We had lots of fun spraying frozen water!


Finally,  we experimented with dropping things into the water. We found that it made a louder noise if we dropped something from higher up.

What sounds can you make using water next time you are in the bath or paddling pool?