World Book Day

At Kingsleigh, we think reading is an important part of every day but on World  Book Day we get really excited about celebrating reading and books!

This year, the celebrations started on  Wednesday night when children were invited back to school for, Books at Bedtime.  Lots of the teachers had chosen their favourite books to read to groups of children.  The classrooms were transformed into cosy dens complete with blankets and cushions.

The children all got to visit two classrooms and hear two books before returning to the main hall to listen to Mr Gower read a final story. They sat with their friends and enjoyed chocolate milk and a biscuit as it grew dark outside. It was a lovely evening and we were thrilled to see so many children come back.

A massive thank you to all the staff who gave up their evening to help make it such a success.

A special thank you to members the PTA who came to help out with the chocolate milk and biscuits, a task in itself!

On World Book Day, the children and staff were invited to come to school dressed as a book character and as usual they did not disappoint! The quality and range of costumes was astounding and everyone got involved, well of course they did- this is Kingsleigh after all!

In the morning, all the children in the school came together for an epic assembly!  Children from pre-school to Year 6 took part in a fashion parade and then Mr Gower closed the celebration by reading, “A Boy, A Bear, A Balloon” dressed as Winnie the Pooh- of course!

Thank you to all the parents that helped to make the day so wonderful by providing such stunning costumes, you never fail to amaze!