World Book Day comes to Kingsleigh!

Here at Kingsleigh, we had foreseen the snow of last week so cunningly scheduled our World Book Day for today and then waited for the rest of the country to follow us!

This year, children and staff had been invited to come to school dressed as something that they might find a book on in our new Non-Fiction library.  This really could be almost anything; from a biscuit to a dinosaur or a Greek to a paramedic.  As usual, we were not disappointed with the effort that people went to and the array of super costumes that were on display!

The day started with an assembly with everyone from Reception to Year 6.  The highlight was a fashion parade, during which all the children had a chance to parade around the hall and show of their costumes.

Not to be outdone, the staff also joined in with costumes from astronauts, farmers, police officers and sport stars to the Suffragettes!  It was a great way to come together and show our value of Belonging and a super time was had by all!

After, a strange looking pirate, who looked a bit like Mr Gower, explained that we had dressed as non-fiction items to celebrate the opening of our new non-fiction library.  The space is now finally finished and filled with hundreds of lovely new books.

The children will be able to use the room as a reference library for their topics and learning in school.  A group of children will also be trained to look after the library and make sure that it is kept neat and organised so that we can all find the books we are looking for when we need them.  Today, the children will be coming home with their £1 World Book day tokens which can be swapped for a special book in most large bookstores or can be put towards the cost of a more expensive book.  A final reminder that our book fair is also in school until Monday afternoon.