Year 1 Castles Day

Year 1 Castles Day!

As a finale to our ‘Castles’ topic, Year 1 had a Castle Day on the last day of term. We got dressed up in our costumes (princesses, knights, cooks, jesters etc!) and had a rotation of different activities.

First, we made our own shields and swords with Miss Philp, using cardboard and aluminium foil.  We even stuck on our own KPS ‘coat of arms’!

Next, we visited Mrs Stacey and Mrs Wright for a ‘Medieval Banquet’. We sampled some delicious food and listened to some funny jokes from the jester while we ate!

After our banquet, we made some royal crowns and tiaras with Mrs Nichol. We had lots of fun making these and coming up with our own designs!

Finally, we made a visit to Mrs Pain’s classroom where we took part in some ‘Medieval Dancing’. We had a fantastic time and danced until our feet were sore!!