Year 1 Pet Day!

Year 1 have been learning all about the ‘Secret Life of Pets’.  So, as an outcome for our topic, we decided to hold a special pet morning.

Some children from each class brought in their pets from home and told us about how they are cared for.  We got to handle some very different types of pets and ask questions to find out more about them.

It was very exciting to have so many pets in school!

We saw several dogs and puppies and had a go at brushing their fur.


Then there were some smaller, fluffy animals to pet with very long tickly whiskers.


The chinchilla and the gerbils were a little more shy and were a bit more wriggly!  We learned that most animals like these are nocturnal.



Finally, we got to see and touch some animals who live in a hard shell. They were fun to handle but not quite as cuddly!

The children had a fantastic morning.  A huge thank you to the parents and carers for helping to make this day such a success.