Year 1’s Mystery Creature

Last week, Year 1 had a big surprise! We went outside to look for signs of winter and found an exciting box with a pretty ribbon around the outside. When we opened it, we saw that there was a note inside it from a mystery creature.

The creature had seen how friendly we were and wanted us to guess what it looked like. It had sent us some clues to help. There was a blue feather, some red fur, some glitter, some sand, musical notes, a silver scale and some bubbles.

Back in class we had a go at drawing what we thought the creature looked like. We had to try and include all the items in the box. Some of us thought it would be a fish that could fly, whilst others thought it would look more like a dragon!

This week we had a go at turning our drawings into clay models. It was quite tricky to mould the clay into the shapes we wanted! We had to make sure we kept the clay nice and smooth and not let it get too thin. We are now waiting for our models to dry out and the next step is to paint them! We can’t wait!