Year 1’s Plant Life Cycles

We have some wonderful scientists in Year 1, who have researched and shared the life cycle of plants. Plant life cycles are how plants begin, grow and then make more plants all over again. Spring is a time that a lot of flowers grow and of course reproduce.

One wonderful worker researched and recorded the life cycle of a dandelion. The wind helps dandelions to reproduce and the cycle to start again. Have you tried blowing the seeds on a dandelion? As the seeds spread, new dandelions can plant themselves, and the life cycles starts over again. 

Follow this link to watch the life cycle of a dandelion



This fabulous home learning explains how  a plant grows over time, just like we do.

All flowering plants start as seeds. Over time, the seeds grow. First, the seed grows roots. Then, the stem shoots up. Next, it produces leaves. After that, it flowers. The flowers produce seeds. The seeds are then scattered (this can include by the wind or animals) and the plant cycle can begin again. Here is a useful link that helps explain this life cycle


Here are a few more of our wonderful workers’ fabulous plant life cycle representations.

Well done to all Year 1’s brilliant plant biologists!