Year 2 Arts Week

This week has been a fantastic return to school after the summer holidays and the children have been taking part in some fun art activities as part of the whole-school ‘Arts Week’.

In Year 2, all our artwork has been along a ‘Jungle Book’ theme and the children have loved learning about some of the characters in this story. Our arts week activities have included painting, crafting, sewing and sketching!!

Our first activity was working together as a team to create a collage of a Jungle Book character. Have a look at 2RS’s Shere Khan collage:

We also got to design and sew our own bees. We stitched the wings on to our bees and chose which material we wanted to use for the antennae. We our very proud of our work!

As well as this, we created our own leaves using a range of different patterns that will go up on display as part of our jungle theme!

We can’t wait to see all our artwork up on display and you are invited to come and look at these displays on Friday 21st September.