Year 2 Get Creative

This half term, Year 2 have been learning the text map, ‘How To Train A Dinosaur.’ The children were very surprised to return to their classroom and find that something had made a mess; a cheeky dinosaur who was not trained had made the classroom messy!

It was time for the children to take action and learn how to train the cheeky stegosaurus. They learnt a set of instructions and put actions to the text map. The children worked really hard to learn the text map with a focus on applying imperative verbs and adverbs into their writing.

This week, it was time for the children to invent their own instructions about a pet of their choice. The teachers were really proud of the effort put into the writing. The children were very creative and applied the different features of instructions that had been taught over the half term into their writing.

Take a look at the incredible writing Year 2 have produced