Year 2 Great Fire of London Time Capsule

Year 2 Make a Discovery!

On Tuesday, Mr Evans was doing some gardening by the Year 2 classrooms when he spotted a mysterious wooden box lying in the wooden planters.

As he was digging up the box, the children in Year 2 spotted him and ran outside to see what he had discovered. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw it was a hidden time capsule from hundreds of years ago!

One by one, we looked what was inside the box and pulled out clues to try and solve the mystery of where the box had come from!

The photo below shows all the items that we discovered in the box. It included a diary entry written on burnt paper, a photograph of burning buildings, a wig, some bread, two aprons and some stinky cheese!

Year 2 used their detective work to discover it was in fact a time capsule that was buried during the Great Fire of London. Mr Evans told us that the soil had been delivered this year by a company based in Pudding Lane in London – so the soil that was delivered must have contained the time capsule that was buried hundreds of years ago!

Year 2 are very much looking forward to finding out the history of the Great Fire of London this term and hopefully we can answer some of our questions!