Year 2 Love Reading

We love to read in Year 2. We take part in whole class reading, where we get to read lots of exciting texts. Each class has a different text to focus on, which is then rotated on a three week basis. These are the texts we are looking at this term.

The Two Stubborn Pirates, which is about two pirates who always argue and can never agree. Journey, which is a wonderful picture book about a little girl’s adventures. Changes, which is a poetry book about the different seasons in the year. Our final book that we are looking at this term is called ‘Knowledge Master’, a non-fiction text about wild animals.


The children have really enjoyed being able to explore new and exciting texts. The teachers are really pleased with how enthusiastic and willing the children are to read and develop their own pace and fluency.

When reading with your child at home, remember to ask questions such as:

What might happen next?

Who are the main characters?

What was your favourite part and why?

As a school, we aim to ensure our children leave Kingsleigh with a love of reading!