Year 2 Staycation in the UK!

We have been hearing about all the lovely Summer holidays the children enjoyed in the UK.  They have also begun learning about all their beautiful and exciting local countries in their Geography lessons.  They began by discussing everything they already knew. They found out that Europe is where it is located and that it is four countries all joined together.

The children really enjoyed plotting the different parts of the UK and the seas found around it as you can see from Via’s work below.

They then went on to finding out key facts about England and Wales and the popular celebrations, tastes in food and even languages in these countries. The children were amazed to find out about the cultural differences to England.  As you can see, Riley and Cydnee really enjoyed drawing the flags for each country!

In the next few weeks the children will learn more about Northern Ireland and Scotland. See if you can find out any facts at home together.