Year 2 taste food thrugh the decades

To celebrate 50 years of Kingsleigh Primary School, Year 2 are finding out about how food has changed in the past 50 years. The children are going to be looking at how school dinners have changed since the 1960s and whether the food has got healthier.

To launch this exciting week the children took part in food tasting. It was a lot of fun and we were very impressed with how adventurous everyone was with trying  a bit of all the different types of food.

This is the food that everyone tried.

1960s- Vegetable soup followed by artic roll. Not many children enjoyed the vegetable soup but they loved the arctic roll.

1970s- Liver and onion with mashed potato, followed by angel delight. Most children were sceptical about trying the liver an onion however a lot of children thought it tasted delicious.

1980s- Chicken nuggets followed by ice cream. This was a favourite.

1990s- Potato smiley faces and pom bears followed by wagon wheels. Not everyone had tried a wagon wheel before but thought it was yummy.


2000s- Macaroni cheese followed by chocolate fudge cake. Some children found the chocolate fudge cake sickly.



It was a very busy morning and everyone enjoyed tasting foods from different decades. Throughout the week the children are going to be designing their own school dinner and writing recipes for their chosen meal.