Year 2’s are crazy about colour!

Year 2 have flung themselves headfirst into our art project and we have to say we have lots of budding artists on our hands!

The first thing we looked at was colour – primary colours, secondary colours and how to mix these. Our project is all about nature and the colours it either makes us think of, or the actual colour of the world around us. During our exploration of colour, we went outside to find different bits of nature to see if we could mix and match our own colour swatches to the items. We think we did a pretty good job!

Our next task was to listen to music. We thought of the questions, ‘How does this make us feel?’ and ‘what colour does it make us think of?’ as we listened to different genres such as rock, pop and classical. After we got into the swing of thinking of colour and music together, we listened to some soundscapes within nature. Soundscape 1 was the sounds of the sea, Soundscape 2 was a rainforest and Soundscape 3 was the sound of woodland. After listening to these individually, we used the emotion that the sounds made us feel to mix a colour that interpreted this. As you can see below we all thought of very different colours!













After we explored and mixed colours to match to the soundscapes, we made a colour that reflected us as individuals. We thought about our personalities and what colours these traits might link to. Orange might be someone who is always smiley or positive, blue might be someone calm and yellow might be someone who is a little bit bonkers (aren’t we all). We added our colours to our class project book using our fingerprints to create our class in colour.



It was so lovely to see all of our different colours and how we chose to express ourselves. We are really looking forward to expressing ourselves and getting even more creative in the coming weeks!