Year 2’s Dino Discovery!

Year 2 made a VERY exciting discovery last week!

On Wednesday, we received a mysterious email from the Natural History Museum. Attached to the email was a video from Professor Morris, Head of the Dinosaur Discovery Department. How mysterious!

In the video, Professor Morris informed us that four dinosaur eggs had been snatched from the Natural History Museum by a bird, and it was believed that the bird had then flown to the Bournemouth area. We couldn’t believe it – so we decided to go on a hunt in case the eggs had been dropped into the school grounds.

We hunted for a long time around school in all sorts of places until………we discovered ALL four eggs!! We were all so excited to hold the dinosaur eggs but we made sure we took good care of them. We warmed our hands up and scooped them up carefully.

When we got back to the classroom, we followed Professor Morris’s instructions and put the dinosaur eggs in to cold water in order for them to hatch. We waited and waited excitedly until SUDDENLY, after the weekend, a tiny baby dinosaur peeked its body out of one of the eggs.

We are now waiting for the egg to fully hatch so we will wait to see what next week brings!