Year 2’s Habitat Fun

This week, the Year 2 children have been doing research on habitats. They discovered that a habitat is a place where an animal or plant lives. It provides the animal or plant with food, water, air and shelter. There are eight different types of habitat.

We challenged the Year 2 children to create a poster to show 4 animals in their natural habitats, like below:

As always, we were amazed with the work that the children produced and we were lucky enough to be emailed some amazing posters! We would love to share some of these posters with you.

(William 2JB)




(Austin 2SE)


(Kara 2JB)


Some children decided to focus on one particular animal and draw it in its habitat.


And others were extremely creative and made some fantastic habitat masterpieces!

(Ollie 2SE)

As always, we are so proud of the brilliant work that the Year 2 children have produced the past week, both at home and at school.

⭐✨🌟You are all superstars! 🌟✨⭐