Year 2’s Perfect ‘Bubble’

This week, Year 2 have been working extremely hard both in school and at home.

We have been thinking about keeping ourselves safe and therefore one of the Year 2 challenges for this week was to create their perfect ‘bubble’.  The children were asked to draw a bubble and choose ten people who they would choose to be in their bubble.

We have been very impressed with how creative the Year 2 children were in designing their bubbles and we would love to share some of these!

As you can see, some of these bubbles are very creative and we were particularly impressed with all the bright colours that have been used!

Most children chose to include family in their bubble, with grannies and grandpas being a popular choice! Lots also included friends that they are missing and can’t wait to see again. Some even included pets and teddies in their bubbles which would make excellent company!

Perhaps if you haven’t yet designed your bubble then you could give it a go. Who will you include? Your brother or sister? Your pet rabbit? Or your favourite teddy perhaps?!

As always, thank you for the photos and keep sending your work in as we love to see how you are all doing!