Year 3 started a new adventure reading The Secret Lake!

This week, Year 3 have started reading a new book called The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis. We have been introduced to many different characters of different ages and time periods… and we have explored, with Stella and Tom, where Harry the dog goes for days on end!

On Monday, before reading the book, we looked at the cover of the book and made some predictions about what the book could be about and what characters are in the story. We asked the children to justify their answers using the picture and they came up with some fantastically imaginative responses! Then, we read Chapter 1 – The Gardener where we met Tom, Stella and Charlie Green.

On Tuesday, before reading the book, we identified some key vocabulary and created a Vocabulary Laboratory. This was the first time Year 3 had completed a root word using this format independently and all of the teachers were so proud of all of the work that the children produced! After the activity, we read Chapter 2 – Beneath the Mound where the children found a boat under a mound and then Harry the dog appears wet out of the bushes!

On Wednesday, we started of by reading Chapter 3 – Dawn Escape. In this chapter, Harry goes off again and Tom and Stella decide to go looking for him to find out where he goes. For our activity we drew a puzzle grid which included 5 sections – themes, puzzles, likes, dislikes and questions. The children added in their ideas from the story so far and we will be adding to our grids as we continue to read through the book! It is was so interesting to read the questions that the children had and the parts of the story that they liked and disliked so far!

On Thursday, we started of by reading Chapter 4 – The Secret Lake which we noticed was the title of the book! In this chapter, Tom and Stella looked in the bushes and found a hole with a ladder. They went down into the whole and they found an underground tree. They continued to climb down and they oddly come out of the other side! They saw a beautiful lake and a boy in a small boat. For our activity, we looked at the description of the mysterious boy in the boat and drew him using labels. The children were so creative and their drawings were beautiful! Some children even added in features of the boy that weren’t mentioned in the text, but they visualised when reading!

On Friday, we started of by reading Chapter 5 – The Children in the Garden and in this chapter, Tom and Stella meet two girls and their governess, but they are dressed very differently to them! For our activity, we looked back through the text and practiced our retrieval skill by answering some questions. The children did such and amazing job scanning through the text to look for the answers!

It has been a wonderful first week of reading our new book! From speaking to the children via email, the children have enjoyed the magical adventure story so far… I wonder what will happen next…?