Year 3’s Autumn Project

Year 3 have made a fantastic start to this term’s project. Throughout the coming weeks we will be considering the whole-school enquiry question of How Do I Connect to My World? By thinking about the progression of human beings from the Stone Age until the current day. We have been reading the story Stone Age Boy and came in from playtime to find the classroom ready to do some cave paintings!

Our English lessons have focussed on the understanding the story and vocabulary used in Stone Age boy, and then learning a shortened version of the story through a text map. We have been sequencing the text map, writing different sections and thinking about how we can summarise what happens in each paragraph.

During our project time, we have been thinking about the chronology of important periods of time. We made a large scale timeline outside to show how long a go the Stone Age was.

We have also been learning about how life changed for prehistoric people during the Stone Age period.

We are recording a lot of our whole-class project work within our class project book. We used our cave paintings and photos of our learning to produce our first page.

We are looking forward to learning about the changes that came with the Bronze and Iron Age in the coming weeks!