Year 3’s Super Skylines!

This week, Year 3 welcomed Winton Primary to our school to make a collaborative piece of art.  We were given Europe as our focus and decided to make a skyline for four European countries.

We began by making a colour wheel on sugar paper.  To do this we used only blue, yellow and red paint (primary colours) and mixed them on the paper to make purple, green and orange.  We had got so good at mixing paint to make different colours that we could then paint our own picture using these colours.  We could paint whatever we wanted!  Finally we cut out the shapes we needed for our skyline and stuck them on plain , white card.  We think the finished product looked really effective!

Can you guess which countries have been represented?

We had such a great day and had the opportunity to work in teams to create our piece of art and made some great, new friends from Winton Primary School at the same time!