Year 3’s Super Stone Age Work

Year 3 have been completing some fabulous work this week, linked to our Early Man topic.


We could indeed survive with our very own hunter gatherers, who have been designing and creating impressive Stone Age tools.

We have received some wonderful homemade Stone Age axes and spears. We are really impressed with the children’s creativity in making their tools.

Furthermore, Year 3 have been fabulous historians, researching facts about Prehistoric Humans. We are so impressed with the many facts they have found out and the details within their learning.

Not only have they found out amazing facts, the children are presenting their work with pride, which is making us very proud as well.

Some of our fantastic learners have then used their learning on Poetry from earlier this term to write poems that combine their fabulous home research and English skills.

We really are so very proud of these and all of our impressive home learners. You are creative designers, historians, researchers and writers, and have made your teachers very proud.