Year 4 Christmas Fun!

It has been a very busy few weeks preparing for Christmas. Year 4 have had a lot of fun taking part in a variety of art activities.

Take a look at what we have been up to.

Chalk Winter Landscapes.

The children were given a black piece of sugar paper and they recreated an image of a beautiful Winter landscape. First the children had a try using whiteboards. We discussed as a class what looked good and what could be improved. Then, the landscapes were sketched into sketch books with extra detail and shading. After that, the chalk came out and the children used different colours to create their landscape. It required a lot of concentration but the end result was great.

Snowmen biscuits

Year 4 have also created marshmallow, melting snowmen biscuits. It was very messy and sticky but so much fun. There are a lot of creative children across the classes. Look how great they are.



Salt dough decorations

Year 4 have also made Christmas decorations out of salt dough. It required a lot of skill to mould the salt dough into the Christmas shape each child wanted. After the shape was created everyone pushed their finger print into the middle of the decoration and wrote their initial on it too. After days of waiting for them to dry the ribbon could be attached to them and now they are ready to be hung on Christmas trees.