Year 4 Get to Know the Boy King

Year 4 have been ecstatic for all things Egyptians this half term, so it is safe to say that they have been giving their latest English Unit 110%! We have been delving deeper into the mysteries behind Tutankhamun’s fame by becoming very familiar with his life by learning our new text map- Tutankhamun’s biography.


Each class has worked extremely hard to learn the new text and have come up with some brilliant actions to support their learning.

As we have been learning each page, we have discussed any new vocabulary. The children were brilliant at finding the word within the text map and reading around it to decipher its meaning. Furthermore, they were able to identify synonyms for the new language that they have learnt. We have added these words to our vocabulary wall to help us with writing our own Pharaoh biography in future weeks to come.


We have read a variety of different biographies to help us familiarise ourselves with this new text type. Children were able to identify the writing features that are used to make a biography text type unique such as: Subheadings, 3rd person, past tense, chronological order and time conjunctions.

Finally, We have looked at ordering chunks of a biography into chronological order and identifying what subheadings each paragraph needs.

A fantastic start to this unit of work Year 4, well done!