Year 4 Go Back In Time

Year 4 have had a very exciting couple of days. We visited Scaplens Court and got to experience what it would have been like to be an Anglo Saxon.


When we arrived, we were given lots of information about what life was like during the Anglo Saxon period of time and we wowed the staff with the knowledge we already had about Sutton Hoo, the different Gods and religions and the villages they lived in. We took part in a battle re-enactment and learnt that the richer you were, the safer you were likely to be.

After that, we went into a very old part of the building and took part in four activities. In small groups we made bread. Following a recipe, we took turns adding ingredients to a bowl and all had a try at kneading the dough. We added honey to the mixture, which everyone thought was an unusual ingredient.


Sewing is very hard but everyone tried extremely hard to follow a pattern and create a group tapestry. Another activity was candle making. This required a lot of concentration because the wax was very hot and we didn’t want to burn ourselves. It was fascinating to see how a candle starts off just as a wick and by adding oil and hot water the candle wax forms. During Anglo Saxon times, they would of used animal fat or bees wax.


The final activity was writing and drawing pictures using ink and feathers. This was a difficult task as it was not easy using a feather to write with. It was fun but pencils are a lot easier to write with.

During the afternoon, we visited Poole Museum, which is located just next door. Everyone loved the museum because it gave us an insight into the history of Poole.



It was a very buys, fun filled day and everyone was very tired when returning back to school.