Year 4 Monkey Around

To launch our new topic ‘Don’t Monkey Around, Save the Rainforests!’ we visited Monkey World. Lot’s of us had never been to Monkey World before, so this was a real treat.

When we arrived, we had a workshop all about South American Rainforests. We were taught about the different species of monkeys that live in rainforests, such as the Amazon and how their habitats are being destroyed. This has given us the basis of what we would like to research during this topic back at school.

After the workshop, we had time to explore the rescue centre and learn about the different species we could see. Unfortunately, due to the mistreatment by humans, most of the monkey we saw had been rescued from terrible conditions and circumstances.

A group of 88 capuchin monkeys, were rescued from a  laboratory in Chile, where they had been isolated in tiny cages for medical research.

Luckily, they are now living a happy life in enormous enclosures at the rescue centre.

A lot of the smaller species of monkeys had been kept as pets in the UK, legally, however, kept in terribly small cages. Some monkeys had been smuggled illegally from countries such as Vietnam and Taiwan and sold on the illegal pet trade market.


It was a very valuable day and we all learnt a lot. We will now be spending the next month learning about what we can do to reduce rainforest destruction and support the fight for reducing the monkey pet trade in the UK.