Year 5 does Dance!

At the beginning of the term, we spent two weeks exploring the music of Camille Saint-Saen’s Carnival of the Animals. We created a fantastic amount of artwork inspired by this, so we thought we would use the music to inspire our dance as well!

With our peers, we explored different levels in dance and how we could connect movements together in an aesthetically pleasing way. We spent a long time thinking about controlling the different parts of our bodies to make sure they moved exactly as we wanted them to.

Using Fantastia 2000’s flamingo dance as our inspiration, we looked carefully at how the artist allowed the artwork to fit the music. Then, we worked in groups to create short 10 second dances and movements, which we build upon throughout the term. This required us to use our communication skills effectively.

Finally, it was practise practise practise – before we performed our dances to the rest of the year group and had feedback. Well done Year 5!