Year 5 Get Spooky!

This week, we have been thinking about how writers create suspense and make narratives really spooky! First, we thought about how the time of day can change the atmosphere of a story. If a narrative  is set at sunrise, it makes the narrative feel bright and cheerful however, a narrative set in the dead of night is very sinister. We thought about all the features that might make a paragraph spooky. We then created  class mindmaps, to add to our VCOP boards. This was really helpful as we would always have a place to magpie super ideas from.

After we had thought about how to create suspense, we knew that we wanted to to make sure that we could use some awesome sentences. We knew that we had a bank of sentences on our sentence menu, but we also spent a lesson learning about the ing…ed sentence. We all really like this sentence and

thought of some creative ing verbs to add to our VCOP board.


Here are some our favourite ing… spooky sentences:

Tiptoeing through the murderous wood, the tress peered down on Ella like the Queen’s spies.

Sneaking through the dark, foggy forest, I suddenly heard a snap!

Glowing a pale white, the moon glared down on the forest below.

Creeping through the deadly wood, the trees spied on the intruders.

Stepping through the dark forest, the trees called to the girl.



We wrote a narrative based on the video Pere Le Chaise. It is a story about a young french  girl, who creeps into a graveyard and finds something quite unexpected.

We wrote an initial draft and then after some thoughtful editing we redrafted our writing. We were so impressed with it that we have decided to share our writing on display outside our classrooms. You are welcome to come and read our writing, but be warned, it might scare you!