Year 5 Visit Blashford Lakes

On Thursday 8th March 5NZ and 5LA went on their Geography trip to Blashford Lakes to learn more about rivers and life cycles.

After a short coach ride, we arrived at the centre and sat down in the classroom. Jim and Tracy told the children all about the river, where its source is and what other rivers it joins. They also tested the children’s knowledge of some of the vocabulary we had been learning such as tributaries, confluence and floodplain!

After a quick snack, we separated into our classes and went off to do our activities. 5NZ started with pond dipping and 5LA went to the river.

In the pond dipping activity, the children took turns using nets to gather small insects and pond life into a container which they then brought back to their group.

The children then used microscopes and charts to identify the insects they had found.

Down at the river, the children played poo sticks to see where the river ran fastest and learnt about meanders, deposition and erosion.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather! We had a great day being outside in the sunshine – even if the water was freezing cold!

5CP then enjoyed the same trip and activities on Friday 16th March, also being blessed with blue skies and sunshine, along with a fun filled day of learning.